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Bedroom Wallpapers

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Bedroom Wallpapers

There are so many new ways to use wallpaper in your bedroom. No longer constrained to four matching walls and striaght prints, the latest wallpaper designs offer so much more – and are no longer just for your walls! If you’re looking for striking bedroom ideas, wallpaper is  the winning product.

Choose from big prints, flocked patterns or colored stripes to create striking feature walls in your bedroom. Or, why not think outside the box and wallpaper furniture to put a spin on classic design?

Don’t shy away from bold wallpaper in a small room. A cleverly-chosen print can really open up an enclosed space: Stripes will make all the difference to your small bedroom and give the illusion of extra height or width. Try playing around with visuals and hang stripes in different directions to create a unique talking point.

A great way to incorporate wallpaper into your bedroom is with one feature wall. This way, you can go all out on print or pattern and choose something really extravagant, without breaking the bank. Try papering one wall behind your bed for that chic hotel look, or frame your bed with a few strips of wallpaper for a modern take on a traditional headboard. For a bold injection of pattern, try a retro wallpaper in a bright color and large-scale pattern.

Think about using wallpaper in a completely new way to really make a statement. Papering the ceiling will make a striking focal point, as will papered furniture. Transform plain table and chairs into something really special with patterned and brightly colored wallpaper or line your shelves with flocked wallpaper to make the most of simple storage solutions.


Living Room Wallpapers

Distinguish your living space with a beautiful living room wallpaper. Whether your living room is more of a formal parlor, or a family room, a cozy den, or a luxe lounge, our gorgeous wallpaper collection holds beautiful designs for any space. Embellish your living room walls with textures, designs, and polished finishes to compose the perfect space… full of charm, perfect to unwind, entertain, and truly enjoy your home!

The Living Room,  a place for relaxation, a place of calm and well-being, where you watch a touching movie, read a good book, enjoy a nice dinner, while away some happy hours. Living Room Wallpaper is a strong style element, used to turn dreams and ideas into reality. Living areas come in so many incarnations: sophisticated and modern, exuberant and opulent, a space-age lounge or a romantic get-away – wall coverings for the main living area can accommodate all this and so much more. We proudly present our brand-new luxury wallpapers and murals for the ultimate ambience.

Wallpaper is making a huge comeback and, with so many different designs and colours available, it’s a fabulous choice for creating impact in your hall. Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright to enhance a modern scheme, calm and elegant to complement a period home or a bright retro wallpaper, the choice is endless. We’ve put together some fab hallway wallpaper ideas to help inspire you.

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