Sun Control Glass Film

Garware Sun Control Glass film


We are one of the best sun control glass film suppliers based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We deal in world renowned brands of sun control glass film or heat rejection window film brands 3M , LLumar and Garware. Sun control window films help to reduce building cooling costs, reduce fading of carpet and furniture, and block harmful UV rays. Sun control glass films are best solution for hotels and hospitals to reduce heat and save cost on air conditioning.

Sun control glass films reduces the load on air-conditioner by rejecting upto 78% of total solar energy incident on the glass as a result it also reduces electricity bill upto 10%.

In addition they :

Blocks UV Rays : Sun control film blocks 99% of UV rays that are proven to be harmful to human.

Cuts Glare : Sun control film substantially reduces the entry of sun glare through the glass & thus protects your eyes from the harmful effect of Sun Glare.

Sun control Window films are available in a variety of shades, which adds beauty and enhances the looks of your building and house.

  • Non Reflective Glass Films
  • Reflective Glass Films
  • High performance Glass films
  • High Heat Resistance Glass Films
  • Clear Sun Control Glass films
  • Night Vision Glass Films

Go green and save energy !!!

Use Sun Control Film to block heat through window glass and enable effective air conditioning

Clearly Superior Window Films for Clearly Superior Homes

Superior heat rejection throughout the day For most people, there are two primary reasons for installing window films: rejecting heat to increase comfort and fade protection from damaging UV rays for furnishings. These films do both remarkably well.

Putting your home in a better light.

Inside and out, you’ve made a serious investment of both time and money in creating a beautiful home. Yet if the sun makes your home uncomfortably hot or fades your furnishings, all your efforts will be diminished. With these prestigious films, you can enjoy the benefits of a world-class window film while leaving the beauty of your home virtually unchanged.