Safety & Security Glass Films

We at Decorex provide world class safety glass films for windows and partition in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Safety and security window films help protect your home and offices from break-ins and injuries from shattered glass during severe weather and theft. The glass film holds glass together to lessen the likelihood of flying shards during natural and man-made disasters. This gives more safety in the workplace from injury and property damage. It becomes difficult for thefts and make forced entry.

These films are optically clear, transparent, high impact resistant polyester films, which once installed on glass,gives additional strength, reduces glare & prevents glass from splintering on impact.


Benefits of Safety Films:
 • Safety from High Impact
Violent acts, natural disasters, vandalism or accidents can shatter your building’s windows and flying glass can be responsible for most of the damage, injuries and deaths. Much of these destruction can be controlled and prevented by Suncontrol safety & security films.
• Bomb Blasts / Terrorism / Civil Unrest
In a bomb blast, when your building envelope is compromised, much of the damage is done by flying glass. Suncontrol Safety film helps to minimise the impact.
• Deter Thieves
Safety Film is a powerful deterrent to smash-and–grab thieves as well. It forms a strong but virtually invisible shield that holds broken glass in place delaying and deterring perpetrators whose goal is quick entry through shattered windows.
• Ignition Resistant
Safety Films are very ignition resistant (when installed on glass) and exhibit no flame spread, as in flames will not expand across the film. These laminates are extremely hard to ignite and are self-extinguishing when removed from direct flame.
Safety Films are generally applied at Embassies, Banks, Homes, Government Buildings, Malls, Airports, Hotels and Hospitals etc.