Frosted Glass Film

We are providing a wide range of Frosted Glass Film, which are high on demand in the market and they have been bought from well known vendors in the market and they offer a high performance to the customers.

Advantage of using Frosted Glass Film over Etched Glass:

The glass film offers the look of an etched glass window but at a cheaper cost than etched glass. The glass film is easier to install than etched glass. The glass film requires less time to install as per your design.

Frosted Patterns cut into Window Films

Frosted Glass Film

We offer a vast range of frosted patterns, allowing you to quickly and easily create an eye-catching feature of your glazing and windows.

The designs are computer cut from our range of frosted film, which once applied to your windows will give the appearance of acid-etched or sand-blasted glass. The frosted areas will provide privacy, whilst still allowing a good level of natural light to pass through. Vision will be possible through the patterned parts of the film – these sections are removed to create the pattern.

The extensive range of designs is available to view online, each order is created to your exact size specifications. You have the option to choose the position of the design for each panel you order; full customization is part of the simple ordering process.