Glass Film

Welcome to the world the world of Glass Window Films.

When glass is the material of choice to define the ambiance you create… why not make it exclusive? We are glass film suppliers based in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Glass Film types : Frosted Glass Films, Sun Control Film, Stained Glass Window Film, Safety Films , One Way Vision Films and Privacy Films .

Explore glass film solutions for glass to get the job done – the no mess, easy and quick way, whether its partitions, doors or table-tops. Go all out and redefine glass surfaces – create private spaces or speak out with warm visuals – treatments made simple with special effects films that let you import dynamic, vivid imaginary or even intricate patterns.

Frosted Films

Dreaming of glittering speckles for that sparkling look or a vibrant print with a sand-blast finish?

Frosted films from 3M and LLumar– The no mess no fuss way to achieve privacy and an etched feel on glass across partitions , doors, cubicles and windows.

Where you should use frosted Glass films finishes.Frosted Glass films are perfectly suited for interior glass doors or the inside surfaces of windows. Use our decorative window films for:

• Conference rooms
• Lobbies
• Retail environments
• Residential settings
• Private offices
• Exterior windows
• Partitions
• Verandas

We provide all types of window film:

• Decorative Window Film
• Stained Glass Window Film
• Window Privacy Film
• Frosted Glass Film
• 3M Fasara Glass Finishes
• Safety Window Film

Decorative Glass films

Decorative Glass Films are a blend of innovation and technology – enhancing ambience and aesthetics while offering the essential secrecy and privacy required while conducting meetings and discussions.

Our patterned window films are the perfect way to add a new dimension to your windows and glass.Easy to install, our decorative films are available in a range of geometric patterns, with designs to suit all tastes. Ordering couldn’t be easier, simply choose the pattern you desire, along with the amount required.

The film will give your windows an instant facelift, transforming your glazing into an eyecatching, aesthetically pleasing feature.

Explore decorative design collection for glass to get the job done – no mess, easy and quick way, whether its partitions, doors or table-tops. Go all out and redefine glass surfaces – create dynamic spaces with special effects on glass films with our plotter cutting and digital printing options.

Sun Control Glass Film

Suncontrol Window films reduces the load on air-conditioner by rejecting upto 80% of total solar energy incident on the glass as a result it also reduces electricity bill upto 10%.

Suncontrol Window films are available in a variety of shades, which adds beauty and enhances the looks of your building. We deal in the best brands available in India 3M, Llumar and Garware for Suncontrol and heat rejection in architectural films.

Benefits of using suncontrol glass films:

• Rejects upto 80% Solar Energy
• Huge saving in Electricity Bills upto 10%
• Rejects 99% harmful Ultra Violet rays.
• Rejects upto 97% Infra Red
• Shatter Resistant
• Additional Safety
• Scratch Resistant

Suncontrol Window Films provide the versatile value added solutions on increasing usage of glasses in buildings. They control solar heat, reduces the glare, blocks 99% of harmful UV rays thereby reducing the chances of harmful skin diseases resulting from the emission of these UV rays. These films also mitigates or minimizes the risk associated with glass owing to its brittle nature by holding the glass together in case of an accident, thus preventing the splinters from flying around and causing damage.

Safety and Security Window Films

Safety and security window films help protect your home and offices from break-ins and injuries from shattered glass during severe weather and theft. The glass film holds glass together to lessen the likelihood of flying shards during natural and man-made disasters. This gives more safety in the workplace from injury and property damage. It becomes difficult for thefts and make forced entry..

• We offer Safety and security window films which are polyester films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered (similar to laminated glass).

• Safety film for glass holds the broken glass in place, preventing it from detaching and causing an issue.

• Glass safety film will help protect against breakage, keeping you safe against the potential dangers of shattered glass.

• These safety and security films provide a clear but powerful barrier of protection that helps to hold glass in place when it shatters due to lethal winds, earthquake tremors, terrorist attacks or accidental breakage.