Why people choose wallpapers over Paints

Choose Wallpaper

While comparing wallpaper and paint, wallpaper can be done up in a room in a single day, it could take two to three days to paint the same room. Painting is a very messy job to handle and if one’s home is being painted, they have to live with the strong smell of the paint long after the painting is completed . Wallpaper has no smell or mess. Instead, it can be easily wiped with a sponge or washed with a mixture of soap and water, if it is a fabric. With regards to paint, only some superior quality paints can be removed the same way. Wallpapers can last for a longer time, around seven years, while paint loses its shine within three years.

Possibly, the biggest advantage that wallpaper has over paint is: you see what you get. If one selects a pattern, you know that you’re getting the exact same design on your wall. With paints, the colour on the shade card might be much different from the final colour that appears on the wall after the job is done.

Don’t use the same pattern on all four walls of the room, try mixing designs and patterns to make the room look more interesting, but don’t overdo it either.


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